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La Nobell
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Our models say

Great composition, great clothes, amazing filling.

Our models say

You can fill the luxury from the first touch.

La Nobell Fashion

with love

Living in such dynamic times, fashion is a language. Our style speaks for ourselves and one’s is to always match believes and vision with it as it’s a message shown. What good is a little black dress to lady if hanging in a wardrobe? Some people design clothes, others design a language. It takes true passion, love, understanding and patience to create something unique, beautiful, modern, classy and at the same time comfortable.
It’s been an absolute honour having the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary journey and I couldn’t be prouder of the art our talented designer of LaNobell, has brought to life. A dedicated team of professionals, I’d say perfectionists to the very least detail starting from the finest materials to the last button.
We are all have a choice of what to wear, but I’m confident if you’d like to express elegance, boldness, class and difference a piece of this collection would surely suit your wish!

Fresh colors and stylish prints combined in current patterns.
Very luxury vision.

The collection is a fresh look at the trends - uncompromising and demanding like a woman in 2020/21 ...

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Welcome to the world of Fashion